Capital Group

Capital Group

Carlson Investments

The goal of Carlson Investments is to acquire various classes of assets that offer good prospects for an increase in the portfolio value and a higher average valuation than the current average valuation of the Company on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. CARLSON INVESTMENTS S.A. employs a versatile and experienced investment team which includes people from the recently acquired consulting and investment companies. Bringing people with extensive experience under one roof allowed us to become an investment company that provides effective development support for any enterprises in which we decide to invest.

Hotblok Polska Sp. z o.o.

Hotblok Polska Sp. z o. o. owns an exclusive license for production and sale of the HOTBLOK system in Poland, i.e. the simplest system for construction of buildings which allows to save a lot of time and reduce construction costs. The Hotblok system achieves a truly impressive thermal insulation value compliant with the latest guidelines, which allows it to meet the requirements of passive building construction. Carlson Investments S.A. holds 100% of the shares in the Company’s share capital.


Techvigo is a technology company which specialises in IT solutions for offices, industry, and tourism. The Company owns the largest stock of digital maps of Poland. The most important product lines offered by Techvigo are TourDesk CRM, a management system for travel agencies, and a series of Navigo map products.

Carlson Capital Partners Sp. z o.o.

Carlson Capital Partners is an investment and consulting company specialising in advising on matters linked to mergers and acquisitions, transactions related to raising capital for non-public companies (private placement), pre-IPO, i.e. preparing companies for going public (e.g. transforming a regular business into a joint-stock company), advising on listing companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (IPO), trustee and fiduciary services, as well as services related to tax optimisation of capital transactions, raising capital from venture capital and private equity funds, and financing of trade in goods and foreign trade.

Gaudi Management SA

Gaudi Management is a private company specialising in private equity investments in small and medium enterprises. The Company’s investments are not restricted to any specific industries, but the vast majority of them involve Polish enterprises. Thanks to its independence, great flexibility, and maximally reduced formal requirements, the Company is able to make investment decisions much quicker than any large private equity funds.

Polvent Sp. z o.o.

Polvent Sp. z o.o. provides advisory services related to the preparation of various types of financial, market and strategic analyzes and reports, however, for the most part, for those clients who use these studies as a component part of larger studies or projects. In addition, the company also performs orders in the field of IT services, which are provided in cooperation with the subsidiary Techvigo. Our services are provided with the help of proven and reliable subcontractors.

Bloom Voyages

We are a premium travel agency. Bloom Voyages addresses its offer to customers who require avoiding commercial destinations and accommodation facilities. All trips are organized at the special and individual request of the client. With us, you can book a flight, book accommodation in the most exotic places on earth, insure yourself and your loved ones for the duration of the trip, book a yacht and many other things that you need during your vacation or during a business trip. Nothing is impossible for us, as long as it is our client's wish. We invite you! With Bloom Voyages, the world of luxury travel is open to you!